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Heather and Jeff

Jeff Williams | | (855)543.4346 x700
Heather Williams | | (855)543.4346 x701

What is a LIFIE?

LIFIE (noun, life + -ie)
written all caps, plural LIFIEs, origin life + movie

  1. A short movie curated from crowdsourced video and photos, perfect for preserving, reliving, and sharing life's defining moments.
  2. With the increased popularity of video in social media, LIFIEs offer a new take on the traditional selfie for life's big events.

Examples of LIFIE in a sentence:

"Check out the LIFIE of our road trip!"
"Don't forget to upload your photos to our wedding LIFIE!"

People have a strong desire to archive and share the defining moments of their lives. Historically, they took photos, built photo albums, and created scrapbooks. But two trends are disrupting this traditional activity:

  1. The ever-increasing quality of phone cameras has made it is easier to take more and better photos and videos.
  2. Video is becoming the predominant medium for storytelling on the internet.

For these reasons, more and more people are turning to video to archive their important events. But creating movies from raw content requires creativity, technical skills, and time. LIFIE bridges that gap by transforming captured content into share-worthy movies.

Introducing a real life saver! LIFIE produces handcrafted movies from your videos and photos. Upload and crowdsource content. View on, share to social media, and download to your computer. What's happening in your LIFIE?

Upload your videos and photos
Upload from any device. Invite friends and family to upload, too -- no login required! Crowdsourcing content is great for weddings, yearbooks, vacations and more.

Create something special
Give LIFIE your vision and one of their talented human editors will get to work. Premium royalty-free music sets the mood and provides hassle-free sharing.

Replay the day your way
View on, share to social media, and download a copy. Share your page with guests to view, browse photos, and leave comments.

LIFIE Homepage
The homepage introduces LIFIE to customers, describes the process, offers use cases, and provides links to samples.
LIFIE Homepage (JPG)

LIFIE Event Page
Every LIFIE come with its own Event Page, making it easy to view the LIFIE, browse photos, leave comments, and share to social media.
LIFIE Event Page (JPG)

LIFIE provides a unique and modern way to preserve, relive, and share life's defining moments. Below are a few of the ways LIFIE customers use the service. 

Travel | LIFIE is a Journey
Our experiences make us who we are. Savable and shareable, a travel LIFIE is the perfect souvenir.

Weddings | Love of your LIFIE
The rehearsal dinner, the ceremony, the reception. Invite guests to upload memories from your big day and don't miss a thing!

School | A Year in the LIFIE
Field days to graduation days, school is filled with important events. Crowdsource a video yearbook all year long!

Sports | The Sporting LIFIE
Document a big game or the entire season. Invite the whole team to upload. A LIFIE highlight reel takes first place.

Family | The LIFIE of the Party
Baby firsts, birthdays, holidays. Family LIFIEs are a great way to capture big milestones.

More | It's a Wonderful LIFIE
So much of life is worth reliving. From charity events to neighborhood gatherings and everything in-between.


One upfront price includes everything needed to create, replay and share a LIFIE. Every order includes a handcrafted 1-5 minute movie, easy crowdsourcing of content, premium royalty-free music, and hosting on Purchase worry-free with a 30 day money-back Love your LIFIE Promise.

Pricing is $150 plus $5 per minute of uploaded content. Examples for various project sizes are below, or visit LIFIE's pricing calculator for a more detailed estimate.

Small Project Example

  • Uploaded content:
    8 minutes of video
    24 photos

Medium Project Example

  • Uploaded content:
    15 minutes of video
    60 photos

Large Project Example

  • Uploaded content:
    20 minutes of video
    240 photos

Heather and Jeff Williams founded LIFIE with the mission to make life simply unforgettable. The couple has been married for 20 years and resides in Atlanta, GA with their three children.

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Jeff is a former retail executive for Carter’s (NYSE: CRI), where he led a team of thousands of employees to grow the business to over 800 stores and $1B in sales. Prior to Carter’s, Jeff was a strategy consultant for Bain & Company, one of the world’s leading management consulting firms. He has an Engineering degree from Virginia Tech and an MBA from the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business.

Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer

Heather began her career in social services. She also worked for an eCommerce startup and as a recruiter for several companies. Prior to founding LIFIE, Heather took time away from her career to focus on raising her three children and serving as the family archivist. She has a Psychology degree from Virginia Tech and a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of Kentucky.

Launch Details and Social Media

Launch date: August, 2017





Hashtags: #ReplayTheDay #LoveYourLIFIE

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Press Release: Introducing a real life saver!
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Press Release: Couple launches startup, fulfills dream.
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