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Introducing a Real Life Saver

We curate your memories into a short movie perfect for preserving, reliving, and sharing.


We make it easy to upload your videos and photos from any device. And now from Facebook, too!


Your content and vision. Our talented human editors and premium royalty-free music. A perfect recipe.


View on, share to social media, or download to your computer. Replay the day your way!

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Life is better shared with friends. And so are LIFIEs.

Unique features like EASY GUEST UPLOADING and SUPER SIMPLE SHARING make LIFIE the perfect choice for group events. Crowdsource content from your friends -- no login required! And invite them to to view your LIFIE, browse and download photos, leave comments, and share to social media.

Seeing is believing

Take a scroll through some of our favorite LIFIEs.

GET INSPIRED | This young philanthropist started a cheer team for special athletes, and took them all the way to a national championship. LIFIE was honored to be a small part of their season by donating this movie to tell the story of their amazing athletes and volunteers. Let's all "play" it forward!

A DOG'S LIFE | This LIFIE celebrates the life of a family’s beloved dog, Piper. By providing both old and new videos and photos of Piper, this customer allowed LIFIE to tell the story of their dog's -- and their own -- life. You've left a paw print on our hearts, Piper.

CLASS TRIP | LIFIEs are a great way to capture school functions like class trips and sporting events. This school used LIFIE's guest uploading feature to collect videos and photos from all the students and teachers, creating a unique souvenir of their Grand Canyon adventure.

MARDI GRAS PARADE | Nothing brings out the inner pirate like a neighborhood Mardi Gras parade. This 'hood crowdsourced content from spectators, GoPro cameras, and even a drone to capture all of swashbuckling good times.

BIKING FRANCE | LIFIEs are a great way to capture big adventures! This family biked 200 miles through Brittany and Normandy. Videos and photos were crowdsourced from multiple tour guests and tour guides. Au revoir!

GYMNASTICS TEAM | Gymnastics is flippin' fun! Each of these kids showed off their skills by uploading content to create a LIFIE for their end-of-season celebration. Looks like a perfect 10 to us.

WEEKEND IN PARIS | These two families took Paris by storm. After surviving a nerve-racking ride up the Eiffel Tower elevator, they rewarded themselves by hitting every macaron shop in the city. They will always have Paris...and their Paris LIFIE 🙂

What's Happening in your LIFIE?

From small moments to defining events.

LIFIE Travel

TRAVEL | LIFIE is a Journey
Our experiences make us who we are. Savable and shareable, a travel LIFIE is the perfect sourvenir.

LIFIE Weddings

WEDDINGS | Love of your LIFIE
The rehearsal dinner, the ceremony, the reception. With guest uploading, you won't miss a moment of your big day!

LIFIE Schools

SCHOOLS | A Year in the LIFIE
From field days to graduation days, let LIFIE crowdsource the money and the memories for a stunning end-of-year crowd-pleaser.

LIFIE Family

FAMILY | The LIFIE of the Party
Baby firsts, birthdays, holidays. Family LIFIEs are a great way to capture big milestones.

LIFIE Sports

SPORTS | The Sporting LIFIE
Document a big game or the entire season. Invite the whole team to upload. A LIFIE highlight reel takes first place.


MORE | It's a Wonderful LIFIE
So much of life is worth reliving. From charity events to neighborhood gatherings and everything in-between.

“A compelling, share-worthy story that truly can bring a tear to your eye.”


“Best yet, it’s all hosted on the cloud, so sharing is easy.”


“We’re HUGE fans of a brand-new service called LIFIE (that’s right, selfie buh-bye).”


“We can't get enough of this fabulous, family-owned video service.”


“LIFIE is like having a video editor at the tip-of-your-thumb.”


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